Friday, February 28 2020

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Simple Tools for Authentic Living Life Happens
Ingrid Elfver

At times it can seem like we are falling short in our life, that we should already be more successful or farther along than we are. Our life does not match what we had envisioned it to be. Life will always be filled with what seem like steps sideways and backwards, but that is the rhythm of life. Those steps are often filled with opportunities that are easy to miss when we arent aware of them or fully present.

Life will never be exactly as we hoped or planned. Life is organic, unpredictable, and incredible. To achieve our greatest potential we must learn to get out of our own way. If we keep finding faults in our Self and our life, how are we ever going to be powerful? How are we ever going to break through the pattern of wanting what we cannot have, and longing to be someone we are not?

Life is a journey that each of us can learn to embrace and dance with. Dont feel like your life is wasted because it doesnt fit the inner picture you have created. Embrace your life and be happy about the things you are learning-especially through your trials and mistakes. Be present and discover all the opportunities for wonder and growth. Say to your Self, "Life happens and I embrace it as it is. I am finding power within it, right here and right now.


  1. Change your reality. It is how you react and what you think that truly affects what and how you are going to receive and live your life. If reality of life is always disappointing you, change your perception. Maybe you need to turn how you think all around, and instead meet life knowing and expecting each moment to be great: that you will learn and grow from life.

  2. Be positive. You are what you think. If you keep saying inside that everything that happens to you is bad, and falls short of your expectations, it will. Maybe you need to be more positive and happy within, and make the most of what life offers you.

  3. Grow from life. You can choose to feel like life is just taking your powerless Self for a roller coaster ride, or you can decide that each experience you have when life happens you are learning from and growing and doing it with a smile.


"I Embrace my life."


"IFlow with life."
"I have a Great Attitude."
"I Live in the Now."


Visualize how powerful you are. See that all the things happening in your life are powerful and incredible building blocks, of character, faith, strength, and wisdom. Visualize your Self letting go of negative inner dialogue, or false perceptions of life needing to be different than it is. Visualize your Self embracing all that is happening in your life. Feel your Self having a positive and embracing attitude. Take power of your perceptions of life. See growth, healing, and empowerment as the outcome of each life experience.


Close your eyes. Take deep breaths. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Go deep within Source and connect with your wise Self, the being who understands and sees every part of your being. Take some deep breaths and breathe your Self in, all-knowing and all-at-peace. This being is here to show you that your life is truly yours to make the most of, that life is too short to worry too much. Life is too short to create false inner realities that make life imperfect. Take new deep breaths and breathe this wise and empowered being into your heart. See how perfect you are, how much you are learning, how grateful you are for each moment of your life.

Interfaith Prayer

My Source... Help me stop finding faults with life... Help me, instead, ponder upon its perfection... And wonder... At each lesson life brings me... Each tribulation and unexpected happening... Show me how to embrace my life with a smile and joyful attitude... Help me know that I can learn so much from each experience... Ever and always... Blissed Be...

Message from Source

"In the messiness of life lies the power of its perfection."

Ingrid Elfver~ Your Authentic Museā€¦ For 17 years, as spiritual teacher and muse, Ingrid has empowered spiritual leaders, executives and professionals, celebrities, movie directors and producers, actors and actresses, television and radio personalities, authors, artists, musicians, parents, children, and more. When Ingrid isnt "musing" she is creating new products and speaking at events. Originally from Sweden, Ingrid is a licensed Interfaith Minister who has spent thousands of hours in silence. She is a lifelong student of psychology, philosophy, and science; with degrees in Sociology, Art, and Economics. Ingrid founded Simply Authenticā„¢ in 2002. For more information go to her website: