Friday, February 28 2020

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Simple Tools for Authentic Living: Nurture Yourself Daily
Ingrid Elfver

We need to commit to a daily practice of tuning into our Authentic Self--the powerful, wise, successful and blissful part of us--that knows who we are, why we are here, and where we are going.

We have to nurture ourselves daily to be fully empowered and successful. Instead of prioritizing "more important things" we need to prioritize our Self. We need to commit to a daily practice of tuning in to our Authentic Self: the powerful, wise, successful, and blissful part of us - that knows who we are, why we are here, and where we are going.

Many of us believe that we cannot be true to our Authentic Self if we are going to be successful, and that prioritizing our Self is selfish. But we are useless when we lose touch with our Authentic Self. When we dont empower our Authentic Self through daily Self care, we empower our False Self instead: the part of us that believes that we should care more for others; the part of us that believes that we are always destined to be stressed, irrational, fearful, and disempowered.

Take time each day to tune in with your instincts, strengths, wisdom, and unique life mission. Nurture your Authentic Self and break the patterns that are disempowering you. Tune in with your truth and stop giving power to your False Self. Listen to the voice inside you that knows you are here for greatness, and then get out of your own way. Become the person you know you are meant to be.


1. Re-evaluate your day. Look at your daily schedule and set aside time for your Self. First thing in the morning. Last thing at night. Where you commit to self-nurturing. At first it will feel strange, but soon you will not be able to live without it.

2. Each morning, as you wake up, before you open your eyes, give thanks for the wonder of the day, for all the wonderful things coming your way. Sit up, in stillness, meditating, letting your mind be still. Feel the wonder that you are. Sit there as long as you feel it is right. Now say your daily mantra and affirmations. Do your visualization, of what you envision for the day. Finally, say a prayer and go take on your day.

3. At night, sit in silence before you go to sleep. Be still and tune in with Source. Do your practice: mantra, affirmation, visualization (what you envision and want to consciously create), meditation, and prayer (beginning with gratitude for the day and who you are). Then tune in with what you need help and guidance with. Visualize and know Source is taking care of You and all of us. Have a wonderful sleep.


"I nurture my Self every day."


"IPrioritize and Nurture my Self, without guilt."

"I know how to fill my Self up with Source."

"I am True and Authentic to my Self, each moment."


Visualizea new you, relaxed, empowered, and in tune with your Authentic Self. See your harmony comingfrom your inner Source. See your life flowing with ease and miracles. Visualize yourself fully nurtured and filled with positive and powerful energy inside. See how in tune you are with your true needs, feelings, and intuition. See that flow seeping into every part of your life, right now. You are harmony, power, and centered.