Friday, February 28 2020

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Gain Positive Energy ? and Relief ? From Your Negative Emotions
Francine Juhasz, Ph.D.

Do you want a better and more satisfying emotional life despite outer circumstances? Finally, do you yearn to be more dynamic, and have greater control and mastery over your own energy?

Quicker relief from nagging negative feelings such as anger, jealousy, hate, revenge and guilt has become possible. The new wave of post-Jungian emotional energy research in has reached . Anyone here interested in greater vitality, increased resistance to stress and disease, and more joy can now have easy low-cost access to these simple techniques.

The new ideas are based on the energy-producing qualities of any emotion. Many emotions produce high energy: anger, passion, hate, guilt, revenge and despair. Other emotions, such as fear, worry and sadness, produce low energy. These new techniques extract the positive energy in different ways from these two different classes of emotions or feelings, which then can be used for our life challenges.

This salvaged energy generates a personal power and mastery of self others can tangibly feel, and attracts positive responses from others. It becomes easy to initiate and maintain increased levels of self-acceptance, self-confidence and self-esteem – irrespective of circumstance.

Additional energy skills within the body that further create energy balance, energy flow and radiant joy can be developed by practicing the internal martial art of Qi Gong. This ancient art, that gave rise to acupuncture and many external martial arts, is relatively new here in . It is rapidly joining the ranks of Yoga and T’ai Chi as a great energy tool, especially for circulating and storing energy within the body.

Easier to practice than Yoga or T’ai Chi, Qi Gong is made up of simple exercises that attack energy blockages that tire and deplete us. Some of these exercises help us vent unwanted or difficult to control energy. Others help us circulate energy within our bodies, unraveling the energizing secrets of an evolved love of ourselves and our bodies.

Although we may suffer from negative moods, stress and energy imbalance, the good news is simple measures to feel more balanced, less stressed, more relaxed and youthfully vibrant are readily available if we need them.

Francine Juhasz, Ph.D., psychotherapist and Qi Gong energy practitioner, has spent thirty-five years in using and developing these techniques. She now teaches these emotional energy exercises and Qi Gong one-on-one and in workshops in the Denver Metro area, Boulder, Longmont and Fort Collins. For more information, phone Francine at 303-955-4186, email or visit