Saturday, April 04 2020

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Simply Love
by Ingrid Elfver

Love is the kind, empowering energy that heals and soothes us, makes us function with balance and wholeness. Love brings all of us together. It is the one thing that we all need, long for, and seek--the one thing that transforms all of us. Love has the power to make us feel stronger and more vulnerable at the same time. It makes us leap and fly. True love is unconditional and mindful, passionate and compassionate. It is sweet and sensitive and powerful. Love liberates us, helps us discover something deep and gentle within us.

Being unloved or feeling unloved is frightening. It can make us feel angry, hurt, and lost. It can make us do horrible things and break us apart. Wanting to be loved by others, we often look outside ourselves for acceptance and adoration-as though we are seeking an imaginary parentapostrophes unconditional love. But finding that kind of love in others is rare. We need to look for it first within our Self. If we donapostrophet first seek love within, feel worthy, or safe enough to be loved, we will continue to push true love away-and attract false love.

Only by finding and embracing the love within our Self can we ever feel a sense of wholeness. By creating infinite love within our Self we no longer need love from an outside source. When we love our Self unconditionally, we develop a better sense of balance, and a better perspective of what true love really is. We feel completely filled with love: safe, empowered, and whole.

Fill your Self each day with adoration, compassion, and support-for your Self. Love yourself completely and unconditionally by accepting your Self, believing in your Self, and empowering your Self each moment. You were created in love, from love. Love is imprinted on every part of you, in every cell. Take lots of deep breaths and tune in with the gentle and all consuming love dwelling within you. You are Love.


1. Begin by loving your Self first and foremost. Ask your Self "What actions can I take to love and accept my Self better today?"

2. Fill every cell in your Self with love. Feel it filling you, empowering you, transforming you.

3. Take responsibility for the love in your daily life. Fill your Self with nurturing and kindness. Surround your Self with people that truly love you.

4. Be mindful and practice unconditional love with everyone you meet. Be true and real yet loving. See that all of us seek love and acceptance.


"I am Love."


"IAdore my Self."

"I Believe in my Self and Accept who I am."