Friday, April 03 2020

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Women in Motion
by Jean Lundberg

Our lives as women are full of change and transition. Some of these changes are predictable. Because we are women we know that certain things go with the territory.

Some of us will marry, some will have children. Some will have rewarding and/or demanding careers in the corporate world, or in our own business. Others will choose to work at home (also a rewarding and demanding career), just to name a few. Our bodies, minds and needs will change as we grow. As women, we are exposed to certain stressors that can be specific to our gender. We ARE different, and in many cases we have goals, needs and obligations than are distinct from those of our male counterparts

There are tremendous avenues available for women to assist us with change, stressors, emotional, spiritual, financial, and health needs, in both our personal and professional lives. There are books, audio tapes, seminars, classes and much more. I found as I experienced and researched what is available that there was something missing from what was out there. There were few, if any, programs that deal comprehensively with all of the factors above. From that discovery “Women in Motionapostrophe was conceived and developed.

I have an amazing network of women friends and colleagues that I’ve grown to know over time, through nurturing the relationships and making an effort not to lose touch over the years. When planning “Women In Motionapostrophe, I contacted each of them and after describing what I hoped to accomplish with the seminars, asked them, “How have your life and your priorities changed, particularly from the time you were in your 20’s or early 30’s?apostrophe “How have your values changed, in the areas of your daily life, finances, career, health, and personal goals?apostrophe “How could a seminar like “Women in Motionapostrophe support and guide you to be more focused, happier and more in tune with the life you want to create for yourself?.apostrophe How would you, as you read this, answer those questions?

The vision of “Women in Motion,apostrophe is to bring small groups of women (10-15) together for a day and a half experience. There we will focus on essential keys to living positively and successfully. Remember that success means very different things to different people. We’ll provide support and practical guidance for participants to add to their life toolkit. Participants will also learn from other successful women from all age groups and walks of life and from some of the greatest thinkers of our time and throughout history.

Following are overviews of the primary modules included in “Women in Motionapostrophe:


The one constant in all of our lives and across genders, is that we will experience change. Change occurs regularly, from the adjustments in our daily routines to major shifts in our home lives, careers, health and more. From our first breath to our last, change is a part of life.

“Women in Motionapostrophe will prepare participants to understand and face change, and more importantly, to embrace change willingly and to learn from it. Resistance to change in all its forms is common. Much has been written about the various stages we go through as we experience change. These writings define from three to ten stages that make up the process of change. Regardless of the number of stages we define, what these plans all have in common is that we must understand and move through change in our lives to a conclusion that is healthy, productive and that promotes learning in preparation for future change. Women in Motionapostrophe seminars use proven techniques and practical real life applications and the stories shared by women in each seminar group, to assure that participants are not only better prepared for all types of change in their lives, but to give them what they need to be ready and able to self impose change willingly when they know it’s right for them to do so. Change becomes something that does create resistance and attempts to avoid or deny, but through our seminars it also becomes a natural and necessary part of a fulfilled and directed life.