Sunday, March 29 2020

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Simple Tools for Authentic Living: Take positive action
by Ingrid Elfver

Only by taking positive action each day can we achieve our wildest dreams. Taking positive action means living consciously each day, getting out of our own way, moving forward even when we are afraid, being correctly aligned with our true Self, and using our greatness correctly.

Take Positive Action

Positive action takes nurturing and keen awareness. You must be committed each day to staying aligned with your true Self, be focused on the end goal, and take full responsibility for getting there. Every moment is an opportunity to do things that are kind, mindful, and empowering.

We often donapostrophet realize that we are not taking positive action but negative action, thinking that there are outside forces holding us back, keeping us from what we truly want. Deep within we have already decided that we are not going to succeed, and we are unknowingly getting in our own way. Each negative action we take is proof that we are not being supportive with our Self, but destructive.

Imagine what would happen if you began focusing only on solutions to your challenges? What if you were to take positive steps each moment instead of holding your Self back? Imagine all the great things you would achieve if only you allowed your Self to simply be who you are meant to be. Be you and do what you are here to do. Take positive action, and inspire the rest of us to do the same.


"Itake one True step at a time."

"Iam Listening to, and Honoring, what is right for me."

"Iam Empowered and Aligned with my Self."


"I take Positive Action each moment.


Visualize your Self always taking positive action. You always find the next positive step to take. Nothing is stopping you and no one is holding you back. Each moment you focus on positive thoughts and find positive actions to take. You are conscious of never getting in your own way. You are in tune with your Self: your thoughts, your truth, and your needs. You are choosing, always, to empower your Self and every one around you. You are positive, truthful, and constructive each moment of your day, ever mindful of what you think and do. You are Positive Action.


Close your eyes. Take deep breaths. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.