Thursday, April 02 2020

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Mother's Intuition
by Sherrie Dillard

In Washington State, a mother recently woke one night to the sound of her one-year-old daughter coughing in her bedroom in the northwest corner of the house. She got out of bed, went into her daughter’s room and without too much thought scooped her up and took her into her and her husband’s bed. Five minutes later a huge Douglas fir toppled by the high winds of a storm landed on and demolished her daughter’s small bedroom. Was this just a fortunate coincidence or could the mother have somehow intuitively known to move her sleeping child?

When I was in grade school, I remember walking home on certain test days, with the impending feeling of dread. My mother always seemed to know if I had a test that day and would look me in the eyes as I entered the house and ask me how I did on it. I could not casually tell her that I did not have a test or that I did great when I did not. She would know the truth. I sometimes wondered why she bothered to ask.

Mothers and fathers, but especially mothers seem to have the ability to know their children with uncanny accuracy. There is an unspoken connection between a parent and child that bypasses logic and reason. This is commonly referred to as mother’s intuition and it can empower a parent with almost phenomenal abilities. Yet, it is as prevalent as the common cold.

Our children come into this life with special talents and gifts and a unique purpose. Not only can our intuition help to keep our children safe and healthy it can also help us to support them in achieving their highest good. By becoming more aware of how we receive intuitive information we can sharpen and utilize our innate inner wisdom.

We all receive intuitive information, usually without even knowing it. Our intuition like our sense of smell, taste, sight, hearing and touch helps us to interpret and understand the world that we live in. Intuitive information manifests in four general ways, through our emotions, thoughts, and physical body and through our spiritual awareness.

Parents often feel their children’s feelings without being aware that they are doing so. Our children are sometimes not able to put into words their need for comfort and connection. Mothers can have an uncanny ability to know when their children need a warm hug, a quiet look of reassurance or a soothing boost of confidence.

We may pick up intuitive information though our thoughts and spontaneous insight. We may know without knowing how we know. My mother was very good at this. She always seemed to know what I was doing and with who.

We may receive intuitive information through our body. We may have a gut feeling of uneasiness or we may have a feeling of excitement and confidence when our child wants to pursue a certain activity. Perhaps Tiger Wood’s father felt this when his young son first picked up a golf club.

We may also receive intuitive information about our children through our dreams and unexplained sudden insight. When I was pregnant with my daughter I had two names that I liked and I could not decide on which one to name her. I had a dream one night where she in no uncertain terms let me know her preference.

Quiet reflection and meditative silence can help us to become more aware and further our intuitive connection with our children. Intuitive awareness can be increased by simply taking a few minutes during the day or evening when you can be alone, closing your eyes then calmly breathing and relaxing. When you feel relaxed imagine an image of your child. Use your imagination. Do not worry if do not get a clear image of them. Some people are more visual than others.