Sunday, March 29 2020

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Profile: Janice Earhart, founder, iZoar
by Susan Klann

Whimsical and inspirational sayings…charming and colorful characters…a philosophy of life—that is iZoar, the brainchild of Janice Earhart.

Whimsical and inspirational sayings…charming and colorful characters…a philosophy of life—that is iZoar, the brainchild of Janice Earhart.

She creates fancy-shoed, eccentrically outfitted characters to illustrate her messages of living life fully, with humor, and with courage. She refers to her work as “art that tells a story.apostrophe In one, a character dressed in a flouncy green and red skirt and shoes, reminding one of nothing so much as drippy watermelons, stretches out an elongated arm to which is attached a red heart. “I love you this much,apostrophe the piece reads. In another, butterflies appear to be lifting up creatures dressed in the iZoar trademark fantastic, oversize shoes and brilliant clothes. The messages read, “Give your dreams wings.apostrophe

Earhart’s work is sold in galleries throughout the country and via her website,

A background in interior and set design, photography, fundraising, and other entrepreneurial stints prepared the ground work for the fully envisioned world iZoar inhabits. One day in a photography class, Earhart submitted one of the whimsical characters she had drawn for the teacher’s consideration. He was wowed by their originality and encouraged her to pursue what she now refers to as “The Village of iZoar.apostrophe “The Village of iZoar teaches what I have learned, they deliver messages I use to make my life remarkable,apostrophe she says.

Earhart also reaches out to the community through her art. Her print “I Have Stopped Worryingapostrophe has been dedicated to the Alzheimer’s Association Memories in the Making® art program for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias. Earhart participated in the professional artists pairing program. Her print incorporates a brightly flowered watercolor that one of the Alzheimer’s artists did as an element in the character’s dress. The print is used in the Alzheimer’s Association annual art auction (for more information go to Earhart has also worked with students in elementary school to inspire them to create characters of their own that express their beliefs.

Among the sentiments expressed by her characters are those supporting the concepts of letting go to grow, don’t put limits on yourself, self-acceptance, learning to take risks, valuing and treasuring your dreams, self-responsibility, and taking charge of your life.

Earhart’s prints inspire buyers to keep them close for daily inspiration and joy. Her art also reminds the viewer of the efforts and experiences of friends and family, and are often purchased as gifts.

Her modes of expression are varied—hiking boot and cowboy boot-clad characters, angels and fairies, sports, sassy women, relationship themes, pets, and music lend variety to her work. All reveal her sense of fun, love of color, and joy in life.

For more information on iZoar, go to or call (303) 880-9403.