Sunday, March 29 2020

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Are You Happy?
by Ellen Berk

Only you can answer this question honestly. Take one minute to read the following and check the statements that apply to you.

  1. __You suffer today because of a problem with one or many disappointments or losses. Your unrecognized or unacknowledged hurt and/or anger has become your armor. You face the day with reluctance to give another person a chance to be close to you.
  2. __You suffer because you gave up on yourself. Life’s disappointments overwhelmed you. You have avoided working through your grief. You may glaze it over with alcohol or drugs, overeating, or being so busy that you have no time to reflect on your life and make some necessary changes.
  3. __You have a great need to control others or the situation. You spend a great amount of time angry, anxious, or depressed, when others don’t agree with you and/or want to do things “ your wayapostrophe most of the time.

  1. __You can’t accept what has gone wrong in personal or work relationships.
  2. __ When you have been wronged, you can’t seem to forgive, and let go of your hurt and anger.
  3. __You feel jinxed. Life has been unfair to you. You have withdrawn from most interactions as a protection.

8. __You only want the good parts of a relationship and become bored with day to day life.

9.__ You over-use the need to “look good.apostrophe Looking good to the outside world has become more important than being a good person. You have created a false identity for yourself and now that identity is crumbling because you lost your job, made bad investments, or got in trouble with the law.

10. __You need your expectations to be met nearly all the time and you are unhappy when you expectations are not met.

11.__ You are impatient more often than not. Your impatience causes chronic irritability.

12. __ You have become numb. You have lost your sensitivity and feeling toward others from chronic hurt and disappointment.

These are just a few of the issues that can influence your level of happiness. If you checked one or more you CAN change your perspective.

Happiness is within your reach!

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© 2008 Ellen Berk, LCSW BCD, The Happtitude™ Perspective.