Sunday, March 29 2020

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The Consciousness of Hope
by Zoilita Grant

It is easy in times of challenge to get caught up in darkness and despair. When we look around the world, the economy, the climate and the war, it is hard not to join those who say the sky is falling.

I want to invite you to make another choice. I want to invite you to enter into the consciousness of hope. When Pandora, opened the box, and let the furies out into the world, the one thing that was left was hope. We must hold on to hope. Hope is defined as a confidence in something desired. Hope is a belief in a positive outcome in the circumstances of life.

One of my favorite phrases has become “let it begin with me”. Whatever we want and need in the World, let it begin with each of us, in our hearts and lives. Decide what really matters to you.

Do something every day to ensure that you live a life that you love. Put your attention on the things that you can influence in your life. Pay off your debts, focus on the things that work in your life, savor and develop your relationships, reminisce about the good times and hold on to hope!

It is true that we create our experience of life by our thoughts. Spend time cultivating an attitude of hope. Hope affects our emotions and lifts us above the despair that circumstances can create. To access the consciousness of hope close your eyes and imagine the rainbow, it is a bridge to light and a symbol of hope.