Sunday, March 29 2020

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by Nancy Dutton

Your beautiful spirit lingers in our hearts forever,
Your soul touched us deeply in so many ways,
Your presence graced our lives with love,
Your big spirit filled our house with joy.

You remind us of our freedom . . .
from the confines of space and time.

Helping us to look at life with awe and curiosity,
Soothing our busy lives filled with schedules and deadlines,
Opening our hearts to enjoy each precious day,
We are thankful you chose to live with us.

The universe is a better place . . .
because of you.

Your transition to the other side – so sudden,
Caused us to look at life differently,
In ways we may never have noticed before,
Sensing things in a new dimension.

We thank you for this . . .
new awakening.

You wove a place in our hearts forever,
A place only you can fill,
We honor your life and your memory,
Knowing we will see you again . . .

About the author:

Nancy has done healing energy work on people, babies, cats, dogs and other animals since 1999, and has had many animals as pets most of her life. In addition to her work with animals and people, she also has volunteered at the Medicine Horse Ranch program in Boulder, Colorado.

Although she is naturally gifted, she trained with the experts in alternative healing for animals and people and an animal massage practitioner. She enjoys assisting animals and people achieve a healthier sense of well-being on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Nancy also has led animal massage classes and demonstrations and has taught people how to massage their own pets. She has published articles in many magazines and newspapers and is in great demand for her services. She likes to write poems, lyrics and children’s books about animals. The poems are presented here for the enjoyment of all who love animals.

The “Book of Animal Poetryapostrophe on is heartwarming, will make you laugh and cry, for all ages.