Sunday, March 29 2020

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Designing Your Holidays - Living a Freedom Filled Season
by Cynthia James

We are all looking for the same experiences in life: joy, freedom, passion. No one wants to live a life in regret. The holiday season can sometimes decrease our ability to live the life of joy we crave because of past experiences.

But, nothing from the past has to define the future. Sometimes it may feel like your life is controlled by events that happened to you decades ago. If you see yourself doing self destructive or self sabotaging behavior, know that there is a way to be free from your pain.

Through the Law of Attraction, widely publicized in the documentary film “The Secretapostrophe, we attract what we think and believe. I believe that your perception of life is the basis for successful living. You are responsible and you get to choose.

Use these five action steps toward freeing your spirit from painful past events and filling your life with joy and passion instead:

1. Take an inventory of your life and what you no longer need. Are you holding onto self-destructive behaviors such as a compulsive need for alcohol, food or sex to avoid facing emotions about past events? If you are aware of behaviors you don’t want, you can more easily identify the ones you do want.

2. Stop letting your “storyapostrophe and your past define you and your future. Listen to yourself when you tell your story each day. Watch how others react. If you can focus your attention on the now rather than on the past, you can change your life today.

3. Pay attention to how past pain manifests in your physical body. Your past, and even the past of your ancestors, are embedded in your mind, your spirit and your physical body — and that history will show up in your circumstances. Begin to explore your body language and practice ways to release pain on a physical level through music, meditation, and mind-body exercise such as yoga, dance, t’ai chi and qigong.

4. Learn radical self-care. Put yourself first mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually by taking time to exercise, eat healthy, meditate, and pray. Treat yourself in ways that enable you to be more fully present when you are giving to others.

5. Set your intention, focus your attention on it, and act in keeping with it. Try inspiring yourself with a “life mapapostrophe: Gather pictures and words that describe the life you want and arrange them on a large sheet of paper in whatever way feels best to you. Display your map in a place where you can see it every day. It’s a kind of affirmation that can help make your desired direction your reality by keeping it top-of-mind as you choose your actions each day.

If you find that changing your thoughts sounds like too much work understand how hard you are working now. So many people tell me they are struggling; what is struggle but working hard? Every person is unique and amazing. Healing and freedom are a choice. Nothing that has ever happened to you can stop your greatness.

For many, the holiday season can bring up pain, loneliness and depression. What if you could walk through the holidays feeling free, empowered and joyous? Join Cynthia James as she guides you into the how of this transformation. You will learn how to design a holiday that fills your heart with harmony and nourishes your soul. To register for this teleseminar, click on:

December 1: Living with Expression vs. Depression: Creating opportunities to express creativity and release withholding of your true identity

December 8th: Living through Connection vs. Isolation: Stay and feel connected while establishing loving boundaries with family and friends regardless of past experiences

December 15th: Living as Joy vs. Judgment: Release the fears that are holding you back from a life of passion

December 22nd: Living from Sharing vs. Giving: Experience fulfillment through revealing the true value of who you are; not what you give or receive.

About the author:

Cynthia James is a lecturer, teacher, internationally renowned performing artist and award-winning author of “What Will Set You Freeapostrophe. She currently serves as an associate minister at Mile Hi Church, in Lakewood, Colorado, one of the largest new thought spiritual centers in the world, with a congregation of over 16,000 member and friends. To learn more about living a life of passion, visit her website at