Tuesday, March 31 2020

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Something You Probably Didn't Know About What Keeps You From Your Goals
by B. Hopkins

Anyone who is driven and wants to accomplish something in their life has goals. The more focused and detailed the goals, the more likely they will be achieved. Our goals are like our destination in a trip, and the detailed game plan is like the road map. With a known destination and a known game plan, then why do some of us get derailed along the way? What is it that stands between us and our goals? We do everything the books say about writing down our goals, but sometimes, we just donapostrophet make them. There are other factors at play when it comes to reaching our goals. Here is one that isnapostrophet commonly mentioned, yet determines how successful we are in reaching our goals.

1. Our Highest Priority Doesnapostrophet Match Up With Our Goals

We are always creating our reality or our experiences from our highest priority whether we are conscious of our highest priority or not. If we consciously want something and it is the same as, or very close to our highest priority, we will always achieve it and very quickly. However if our highest priority is completely the opposite of what our conscious goal is, we will never create what it is that we want because 90% of our creative ability is going against our conscious desires.

This is why vision boards donapostrophet work for some people. Their highest priority goes against what they consciously want. Even though they create a focus of what they want with 10% of their creative power (the conscious mind), the other 90% is in the process of creating something completely different.

2. How Our Highest Priority Works In Our Lives

Our highest priority expresses itself in our lives in both subtle and obvious ways. Suppose someone wants to create a better relationship in their life with their significant other. They may want to reduce the amount of fighting that goes on in the relationship. To improve their relationship, they may read books about what they can do to reduce the fighting, and it may begin to work at first. However, if their subconscious highest priority is to create drama in their life, whether they are conscious of it or not, then either the reduction in fighting wonapostrophet last, or there will be some other place in their relationship where turmoil is created. This usually ends up in frustration for that individual, because they are doing all of the things they feel they should be doing, but they are not getting the results they want.

3. What Can We Do About Reaching Our Goals?

The first step in understanding and aliging our highest priority to our conscious desires is to become aware of what is our highest priority. The simplest way to do this is to first observe unconditionally what we are currently experiencing. Whatever situation we are currently experiencing is what we have created for some purpose. The importance of looking at it unconditionally is to allow ourselves to see the experience completely without pushing anything under the carpet. Anytime we push anything under the carpet, we set ourselves up to have the same type of experience again.

Unconditionally looking at our experience means looking at our experience without judgment, blame, shame or guilt. It is just looking at the experience with an innocent eye. No right or wrong, it is what it is. The power of this approach is that you can allow yourself to look at every aspect, and not beat yourself up for anything. It doesnapostrophet mean not being responsible for your role in the experience however. If this situation has caused upset or harm to someone else, you still stand in the responsibility of what you have done to affect them, but you donapostrophet judge yourself as bad or good. Judgments cause lack and loss for all parties involved. From this understanding, you will begin to see patterns in your behaviors and experiences and you will begin to see what your highest priority is. Your awareness is your key to consciously changing your experience.

The concept of your highest priority and how it works in your lives is a powerful one. This article gives you a brief overview of how it affects you in reaching your goals. This article is just to give you insights on how this concept works. There are other steps that need to be taken to re-align your highest priority to match your goals, the this insight gives you a powerful first step. To ground this concept and make it a permanent benefit in your life, you need to follow this insight with HOW TO strategy.

About the author:

B. Hopkins, an Internet Business Strategist (http://psiphonconsulting.com/), develops revenue generating web strategies for businesses and also writes on various personal development and personal transformation subjects. To ground the strategies that you have received in this article, invest in the 2 volume course The Choice Is Mine at: http://thechoiceismine.com/.