Saturday, April 04 2020

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Allowing the Life You Desire
by Rev. Sherri Barclif

Each morning as we rise to meet the day, we have a choice. Consciously or unconsciously, we choose how our day will unfold by deciding how we will respond to events and circumstances presented to us. Each day is new, full of uncertainty, comparable to a blank, white canvas.

Too often we view each day, not as a blank white canvas, but like yesterday’s newspaper, feeling we already know what will happen. Some may call this routine or the daily grind. It can feel so monotonous that we simply go on autopilot and forgetting we have the power to see more, do more, be more and find more within and without.

Messages to the Universe (.com) was created with the understanding that we can and do have the power to create our lives. By consciously working with the Law of Attraction, we become aware that what we feel, think, and respond to is in turn created.

The Law of Attraction is not a new concept, but the practice, for many, still remains elusive. Very often we forget we have the freedom and the power to make changes in our lives. Even small changes are significant.

The step most often overlooked when working with the Law of Attraction is the process of releasing and allowing. Worries such as how, when and what if play a major role in the conscious mind, blocking the natural flow of energy the Universe needs to create your desires.

I believe you can change your life, find more purpose, create balance and inner peace- truly create your life and not just live it. Step into your reality…what do you desire… what do you seek to create… For some people it is the process of manifesting on a physical level, for others it is about forgiveness from the past - giving space for healing to occur.

Send Your Message…Create your Reality…The action of sending a Message to the Universe is an action of awareness of the Law of Attraction, of being the creator of your life. Releasing is the last step in the process of creating what you desire. Once released, you are now ready to allow.

Ask... Believe…Trust... Release... Allow...

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.apostrophe ~ Buddha

About the author:

Rev. Sherri Barclift is an internationally known interfaith minister who has been working with many people on their spiritual journeys, focusing on empowerment and self-awareness. Her intention is to create a space where everyone can send their message and create their reality.

For more information, please visit or contact Rev. Sherri Barclift at