Sunday, March 29 2020

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by Bonni Doherty

Is the stress in your life deteriorating your health (i.e., gaining weight, memory loss, high blood pressure, immune dysfunction)?

Do you have trouble putting your thoughts into action?

Do you know your "why" or lifeapostrophes purpose?

Do you feel lack of energy or inspiration?

Do you feel you are often reactive vs. responsive?

Answering yes to any of these questions may be causing mental cholesterol. Just as cholesterol clogs the arteries and progressively hinders blood flow, mental cholesterol hinders oneapostrophes life purpose, capacity for success and over-all well-being. When you are living a life that is unfocused or not inspired, you are not your life to your fullest potential. Not having a focus or lacking inspiration can lead poor choices. I call a poor choice, one that may be out of alignment with what you really want. Clear choices that come from a quieter, concentrated & inspired place, a mentally cholesterol-free place, bring positive action, action that forms new habits, habits that create your new character & your character that becomes your destiny.

What to do to reduce Mental Weight Loss:

  1. Write down your "why" or "purpose". This would be something that would give your life great meaning.
  2. Every night, create a 3 item action list that would help you reach that goal(s).
  3. Positively visualize completing ALL of the daily action steps necessary to accomplish your goal(s).
  4. Do morning exercise to decrease heaviness of the mind & body.
  5. Watch your breathing as it naturally flows in & out.
  6. Observe your thoughts objectively as if you were actually watching them on a movie screen without judgment.
  7. Lastly - feel gratitude toward the wonderful things that ARE in your life.

You can do it..!!! Take the "MENTAL WEIGHT LOSS" challenge! Commit to follow through for 7 days in a row and see for yourself how you feel!

About the author:

Bonni Doherty,, Take the "MENTAL WEIGHT LOSS " challenge! A program designed to reduce the emotional weight in your Life!