Friday, February 28 2020

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Healthy Holidays By Design Series - Joy vs Judgment
by Cynthia James

In every moment, there is the opportunity to stand in a place of joyous living or painful experience. It is so easy to place our attention on what we do not want. The interesting thing is that in this kind of space we create the very thing that we want to avoid. We activate the law of attraction and invite in more pain, more disease and more dysfunction. It is a space of unconscious intention that vitalizes our deepest fears and unsupportive behavior.

This is especially important during the holidays when we are with family and friends. If we have changed or are in the process of changing, it may be difficult for others to accept the “new youapostrophe. They may want you to stay in the dance of pain and negativity. They may work to trigger you into old behavior. This is the behavior that initiates your inner critic/judge to take you down a path of toxic reactions. Today, let us consider joy vs judgment.

The dictionary defines judgment as to pass sentence, condemn or to have an opinion or assumption. Judgment operates a lens of perception that engages our inner critic and invites the ego to move into a dominant space of fear and separation. We look at the world from the “half emptyapostrophe perspective and create barriers to happiness and peace.

Joy is a natural state of being. It is the essence of who we are. If you look at children, they naturally laugh and play without any apparent reason. What would your life be like if you looked “for the silver liningapostrophe in every moment? What if you actively sought out opportunities to play and enjoy your life? What do you think your days would look like if you set the intention to have joy as the center of your life?

Here is a way to support shifting your attention from judgment to joy during this holiday season.

  • Make a list of the things that bring you joy. Now every day add to that list. The trick is to not put the same thing on the list. Do this for ONE week.
  • During your daily activities look for what makes your heart smile. The moment you become aware that your heart is smiling say “thank you for this wonderful giftapostrophe.
  • Write down a list of five places in your life you feel most powerful. Create a collage of pictures that represent these areas. Make it small enough to travel with you. This can be a wonderful thing to bring on a trip with family. Put it next to your bed as a reminder of how wonderful and powerful you are.

I invite you this week to affirm the truth of your life daily.

Today, I open my eyes to the joy of living and loving. I am open and receptive to the experience of happiness in every moment.

About the author:

Cynthia James is a lecturer, teacher, internationally renowned performing artist and award-winning author of “What Will Set You Freeapostrophe. She currently serves as an associate minister at Mile Hi Church, in Lakewood, Colorado, one of the largest new thought spiritual centers in the world, with a congregation of over 16,000 member and friends. To learn more about living a life of passion, visit her website at