Sunday, March 29 2020

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ASK to Feel Comfortable in Any Situation
by Jade Sund

Have you entered a room and heard the critic inside say, “What am I doing here?” What if you decided, before you left for the event, how you were going to feel? Your intent is a major factor in what you experience, in any situation. When you expect to be nervous or feel uncomfortable, you are!

What you expect is a self fulfilling prophecy. You spend time to select just the right thing to wear and maybe practice what you are going to say. Great! Now take the time to select how you are going to feel before, during and after an event or date.

Take two or three minutes and ask yourself, “What do I want to feel when I get there?apostrophe “How do I want to feel when I meet someone new?apostrophe “How do I want to feel when I am talking people?apostrophe “How do I want to feel when I end the conversation?apostrophe “How do I want to feel after the event?apostrophe “What is the specific overall way you would like to feel?apostrophe

Now, here is the ASKing secret, take the answer from the last question, the way you want to feel through this sequence:

  • Remember when you have felt the way you want to feel at the event, a specific time. Bring that event into your mind’s eye like a movie. Good.
  • See yourself experiencing the specific occurrence from the past. Hear what positive self talk you have about feeling this way.
  • Feel really, really feel that specific feeling.
  • Now you have created the feeling you want in the present and can access it by just ASKing.

That was easy, wasn’t it?

Do you often have uneasy feelings or butterflies before you go into a new or stress filled situation? Shifting your energy by using the “Let Go Breathapostrophe ASK Energy Solution.

  • Before you get out of your car or go into the meeting take a few minute and breathe in through your nose for the count of three thinking “Letapostrophe.
  • Breathe out for the count of six thinking “Goapostrophe.
  • Do this breathing technique four times, then breathe normal for a few breathes.
  • Repeat three times for a total of four sets of four.

You feel calm now, Right?

You perceive what you project out into the world. When you are late, you are driving down the street and all the slow drivers are in your lane, lights turn red and the Sunday drivers show up on Wednesday, Right? You created that experience by the way you were feeling because you were late. I know it is not always easy to swallow that we create our own reality. I will reword it for you, “take responsibility for your life!apostrophe You are here to Feel Good! ASK for how you want to feel, now.

© 2008 Jade Sund, ASK Training International, Inc.

About the author:

Jade Sund, Master ASK Coach &Trainer
ASK Training International, Inc.
18 Garden Center
Broomfield, CO 80020