Friday, April 03 2020

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Healthy Holidays By Design Series - Sharing vs Giving
by Cynthia James

We often confuse sharing with giving. Sharing is heart-centered and not attached to the material world. Giving is connected to things and often is mixed up with our definition of what we “need”. It can appear in many forms, but often times it is very much attached to our identity.

The dictionary defines giving - to deliver in exchange or in recompense or to put temporarily at the disposal of.

The definition of sharing is to participate in, use, or experience in common; to have or take a part; to be concerned or partake equally or jointly.

When we are in a space of giving, need is the leading edge. It could be a need for acknowledgement, validation, love or acceptance. It could be a need to be liked or feel important. It does not matter what it is…we are trying to get. The mere act of needing is telling the Universe that something is missing. It is an act of stating lack and when we do that we attract more of what we are lacking. If we look at the economic situation in our country today, many people are immobilized in fear not realizing that fear begets fear. Where you put your attention grows. Too many people today are in debt because they have been giving to get. They are afraid to let go of old ways of being and so they spend money that they do not have in order to feel loved.

Sharing on the other hand is about being open and contributing your heart and your gifts. To share takes “material valueapostrophe out of the picture and focuses on loving. People instantly relax and take in the gift of you.


Here is a way to support shift from giving to sharing during this holiday season. Ask yourself the following questions. It might be a powerful exercise to journal on each question.

Where am I giving to get?
How does it feel when I share from my heart?
What would I do if I knew I had enough money?

Once you complete the journaling create an affirmation around each question that centers around sharing vs giving. For example…I am abundant in every area of my life. I lack nothing. Say these affirmations daily for the entire holiday season. It will remind you the truth that wherever you are….you are enough.

I invite you this week to affirm the truth of your life daily.
Today, I give myself permission to share from the heart expecting nothing in return. Today, I know that I am enough!

About the author:

Cynthia James is a lecturer, teacher, internationally renowned performing artist and award-winning author of “What Will Set You Freeapostrophe. She currently serves as an associate minister at Mile Hi Church, in Lakewood, Colorado, one of the largest new thought spiritual centers in the world, with a congregation of over 16,000 member and friends. To learn more about living a life of passion, visit her website at