Wednesday, April 08 2020

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Rock Your Dreams
by Laura Faeth

Nearly seven years ago, as I rocked my 9-month-old daughter one cold January night, a spiritual awakening transformed my life. In an instant, I knew I wrote a book about spirituality and rock music that had a major impact on the people of my generation. Wrote a book. It had already happened. Incredibly, I’d transcended time and been given a glimpse of the future and my life’s purpose. The awakening left me in a state of bliss for many months, and completely transformed my consciousness. At the time I had no idea I was about to embark on a journey of self-discovery that would alter my perspective of who I believed I was, forever.

On November 11, 2008, the vision I had became a reality, and my book I Found All the Parts: Healing the Soul through Rock ‘n’ Roll, was officially released by Wyatt-MacKenzie publishing. Numerous lessons about following our dreams were ascertained during my wild ride with rock ‘n’ roll. Here are some that can be applied to anyone’s life.

Well, who are you? (Who, who, who, who?): Three decades ago the rock band The Who posed the question, “Who are you?apostrophe I arrogantly thought I “knewapostrophe who I was before my awakening—a mom interested in spiritual subjects and obsessed with a well-known rock band since age 15. I was clueless that this fascination would catapult me into an odyssey of self-discovery in my late 30’s.

Eventually, hidden parts of myself were exposed by attending the band’s concerts. Old buried emotions from my youth were brought to the surface in order to address and heal. I was shocked to discover my soul really did exist, and that it constantly guided me with intuitive nudges. Over time, this forged a steadfast trust as I moved closer to my dream of writing a book. Though my mind often believes it knows what’s best, I’ve learned that my heart and intuition are truly the ring leaders, and when I listen to gut instincts and intuitive promptings, miracles unfold.

Don’t Stop Believin’: The band Journey may beg us to believe, but how often do we really take the phrase “Believe in Yourselfapostrophe to heart? I never did, despite having the birth surname Faeth (pronounced faith). Trusting my soul’s news blast that I wrote a book which had significant impact took enormous faith. I’d never written a book before. I had no cred, no writer’s platform, I didn’t even know what exactly to write about. Lots of people thought I was crazy for putting so much time and energy into this nebulous project. But I believed the vision I experienced was valid, and believed a higher wisdom was gently guiding me toward insights and revelations that might help readers understand the deeper meaning of their lives through the lens of modern music. And it did.

It is said that we don’t build our dreams; our dreams build us. For me, writing a book was the dream, the goal. But I didn’t understand that the book was simply a vehicle for my soul to guide me to experiences which ultimately triggered buried emotions that needed to be healed. The goal or outcome isn’t what our higher consciousness really cares about. It’s the growth, confidence and self-awareness developed as we work toward our dream that makes our soul’s zing with joy.

Synchronicity: Yes, Synchronicity is a hit album by The Police, but synchronicities are not just meaningless random occurrences. The Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield, focuses on exploring the mysterious coincidences in everyday life. He claims synchronicity is an integral part of our evolutionary path. On my journey, synchronicities unfolded faster than Usain Bolt in the 100 meter dash.

When I finally realized coincidences weren’t haphazard events but communication from a Universal intelligence (God, or whatever word you prefer) to indicate that I was on the right track, an “Aha!!apostrophe hit me like a metaphoric 2x4 between the eyes. Coincidence is one way anyone can receive precious, meaningful, messages that help us know weapostrophere moving toward our dreams. Simply ask what the synchronicity symbolizes, and allow your intuitive mind to spark insights. For example, if you’re thinking of an old song that you haven’t heard in ages, and get into your car while that tune just happens to blast from your radio, ask if there is a message in the lyrics for you. Does the song hold a specific, meaningful memory about your past? Ask and ye shall receive an answer.

Sages and mystics have claimed for millennia that we’re all connected to one another at an unseen level. Today, quantum physics supports this observation. We live in an energetically entangled universe. If everything is connected, including our thoughts between one another and a universal intelligence, then to me, synchronicities are a high-five that God is talkin’ to us, and we don’t have to be “physicapostrophe to hear these wonderful messages. We simply have to be open to receiving them, for the more we acknowledge coincidences, the more frequently they occur.

Everybody’s Got a Mountain to Climb : In this song, The Allman Brothers advise not to give up despite hardships. When we answer a spiritual call or commit to our dream, challenges and obstacles commonly arise. That’s an essential part of the journey…it can’t be easy for if it was, there would be no growth or insight. Even though the going gets tough, and we may feel like ditching the vision, allies often appear and doors to new opportunities open when we remain committed to our dream.

I experienced numerous emotional and health setbacks throughout the writing and publishing of I Found All the Parts, but I discovered obstacles are opportunities to think outside the box, use our intuition, and seek solutions that were overlooked before. I learned to say “YAY!apostrophe to setbacks, and the times when I felt most alone, most like giving up, if I asked for help, miraculously the right person or situation appeared to lead me toward my next step.

Spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra claims each of us has something unique to contribute the world. Though my journey was sparked by a well-known rock band and their fans, whatever draws your attention can be a catalyst to revealing your life’s purpose. We all have latent talents yet to be discovered. If you have the fortitude to overcome difficulties and hold tight to your dream, you’ll awaken to new layers of your true, authentic self and gain an unshakable inner sense of resolve. The joy truly is in the journey.

About the author:

Laura Faeth grew up on Long Island, NY, but now lives in Superior, CO with her husband and two daughters. I Found All the Parts: Healing the Soul through Rock ‘n’ Roll is available in paperback as well as a downloadable audio book on Laura’s website, Amazon. com and other online booksellers. Feel free to email her at