Wednesday, April 08 2020

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Blowing Out The Light Of Fear
by Dana Dorfman

I stood at the foot of my bed with my suitcase spread on top. I am stressed over the contents of my luggage. You see, I am a woman who is a "fear traveler" and my suitcase is filled with anxiety, hesitation and wrestled thoughts. Lately I have been wrestling with the idea of healing. It is interesting, I seem to travel fear first class when my destination is love.

I have learned a few things about fear. It is a coy charmer. It will tuck you into bed at night and greet you in the morning if you let it. Once we let fear into our lives we create a world that scares the daylights out of us! Fear makes us feel absent in our life and lose our identity. The essence of fear is so powerful that once we live by it we can no longer smile at warm feelings.

Fear has had women wrestling with thoughts and pausing at the barest hesitation. Turning the knob of fear makes it difficult for a woman to throw on her heels and go off to the world of love. A suitcase packed of hesitation makes it impossible for a woman to throw her arms around life. A suitcase packed of hesitation is an invitation to a lifeless spirit.

Fear travelers are life watchers. Holding back from meaningful relationships they mute the air and feel aweless. Becoming a tangle of loose ends, fear travelers are conductors of pretense and are afraid to meet love head on. Burdened with apprehension, the fear traveler remains a stranger to emotion and sleeps inside life.

The following are seven ways to blow out the light of fear:

1. Take time to wink at the clouds. It is very freeing and is an instantaneous ticket to bravery.

2. Let a smile play on your lips. Anticipation centers the feeling of flight and makes us feel radically alive.

3. Stop looking for the glaring holes of logic. Illuminate the night with warm cheeks. Searching for the perfect reason for everything is inhibiting. Step out of your comfort zone. There is power in excitement!

4. Confirm signs of life in your breaths everyday. Cuddle up to your morning yawn, feel the tickles in your ear, count your dimples, let the sun dab behind your ears. There is more to your life than your fuzzy bedroom slippers and terrycloth robe.

5. Laugh behind reality’s back and greet your imagination with open arms. Poking fun at our thoughts is part of our courageous spirit. It brings out a presence in us that is awakening.

6. Lean in closely to your feelings. Don’t ignore them. Feelings credential us as human beings. Our emotions are warm with invitation. They are the fire that dances in our soul. They are our sense of place.

7. Life rocks us in the cradle of uncertainty. Fear travelers are control seekers. Remove fear from your agenda and accept the unknown with a twinkle in your eye.

Thought for the day~
Where would we be if the sun was afraid to rise in the sky and the day was afraid to become night?

About the author:

Dana Dorfman is the author of The Pink Forest. For more information visit