Friday, April 03 2020

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Do You Feel What I Feel . . .
by Jade Sund

Itapostrophes a sunny Colorado afternoon, March 2003. I’m on my way to meet an acquaintance I have connected to out in the world of networking for a get to know you lunch. As I approach the restaurant I get this "you donapostrophet want to go in there" feeling in my gut. Itapostrophes a heavy, uncomfortable feeling. I feel as if I’m being energetically held back, like thereapostrophes a force field that I am walking into. My internal voice overrides my feelings with the words "what could be in the restaurant to hurt you?"

I enter the doors and all of a sudden I’m in severe pain. My heart feels like it has been broken. My lower back feels as if someone has stacked tons of bricks on it. The pressure is so intense and the pain is pulsing. My stomach feels anxious and fearful as though Iapostrophem facing an unknown threat and I can feel its presence.

I look up and notice that the woman I’m meeting has her back to me and her head is hanging down low. I know, deep inside, that the pain I am feeling is coming from her. My initial instinct is to leave the restaurant and call her saying something has come up. I push through those feelings, walk to the table and sit down.

When I ask her what is wrong, she tells me the story of how her business partner has taken all the funds and clients from their business. She has left her without cash flow, without a future income and with no business. It was all gone. This is an even harder blow, she explained, because of the intense and complicated divorce and custody battle she was going through as well.

The level of pain I was feeling was a high nine out of ten. She was really hurting and so was I! She doesnapostrophet know what she is going to do next. How was she going to support herself and her daughter? She felt like her heart had been shattered. She trusted this person fully. She felt that all her support had been pulled out from under her. She was physically sick with worry over paying her bills, retaining custody of her daughter and keeping her house.

Does this ever happen to you?

  • Do you feel the pain of the people around you?
  • Are you aware that some of the emotional and physical pain you feel in your body may belong to someone or something else?

Many people embody the pain of social groups, victims of a disaster or the energetic state of the people around them. Some people take on the hurt of animals and nature. Other people create the emotional pain of the characters in a movie they are watching or a book they are reading within themselves. In a time when many businesses are in a high level of anxiety and fear, it is very easy to pick up and carry those feelings around. All this can be toxic to their emotional and energetic state.

We are all connected. I’m shining a light on the fact that some of us are so empathic we carry around others pain on a daily basis and call it our own. We are not aware or not acknowledging that what we’re feeling doesn’t belong to us and that we can choose to release that energy.

I had an astrologer tell me she had a visual of me wearing a skirt with hundreds of pockets and in each pocket she saw a person and their emotional pain. This picture is exactly what I was feeling. I used to feel pain and hurt continually, some of which was mine, but a lot of which belonged to others. I have since remembered and learned how to manage my empathic feelings and gained the discernment of checking in to see whose pain it really is. This allows me to function at a higher energy level and feel good each day.

If you feel like I feel, I encourage you to embrace your gift and learn the skills and tools to manage your empathic ability, so you can Get Off Your ASK and Awaken . . . to the Power Within. Jade Sund CCC, MP, ASK Training International, Inc.