Tuesday, April 07 2020

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Shake It Up in 2009!
by Andie East

The New Year is the time for resolutions -- but instead of taking on a new diet, or vowing to get dental work done, why not try something truly life changing?

Gail Belsky, author of The List: 100 Ways to Shake Up Your Life is urging women to shake it up in 2009. The List encourages women to ditch the daily grind, and shows them how to get out of their comfort zone.

The following are five shake-upapostrophes Belsky challenges women to try in 2009:

#1 Organize a Rally -- Whether itapostrophes for a local or national cause, now is the time to get your voice heard!

#2 Make a Big Move -- After years in the same house, making a move can be just the thing to help leave the unwanted parts of your old life behind.

#3 Skydive -- Skydiving is the ultimate exercise in letting go, as you throw caution, and yourself, to the wind.

#4 Conquer a Fear -- Make the first step to defeat your fear of heights, snakes, or small enclosed spaces.

#5 Learn to Box -- Donapostrophet just box for self-defense; box because youapostropheve always wanted to knock someone out.

Belsky wants all women to make their 2009 resolutions be about challenge, inspiration and adventure. Forget about losing weight. Embrace adventure!

About the author:

Gail Belsky is a writer, editor, and adjunct professor of journalism at Fordham University. Sheapostrophes also the editor of the essay collection Over the Hill and Between the Sheets (Springboard Press, 2007). Belsky lives in New Jersey. Visit http://www.shakeuplist.com/ to learn more.

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