Sunday, March 29 2020

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Dodge the Doghouse This Valentine's Day
by Beth Johnson

Ten Tips on How to go from Clueless to Casanova

A day every woman remembers and 95% of men would sooner forget is Valentineapostrophes Day. But husbands and boyfriends beware; this is not some Hallmark holiday. This is the big one. The day every woman asks herself, "How much does he love me?"

"If you want to dodge the doghouse, her answer better be ... a whole bunch," says Beth Johnson, founder of And this personal romance concierge claims that even the most reluctant romantic can go from clueless to Casanova on V-day by following these ten simple tips.

1. Do something different. The worst thing any man can do on Valentineapostrophes Day is the exact same thing he did last year -- especially if that was nothing. So mix it up.

2. Donapostrophet wait until the last minute. One in ten men wait until February 14th to buy their Valentine a gift, which all but guarantees itapostrophes going to be generic.

3. Paint the town red. Research shows that a majority of women want to celebrate Valentineapostrophes Day with a night on the town. This requires making reservations at a restaurant weeks in advance, and planning something fun afterwards -- even if it means taking her to a chick flick.

4. If you get her flowers, make sure theyapostrophere her favorites. Any guy can get his girl a dozen red roses. Be the man who knows what her favorite flower is, and order a bunch well in advance.

5. Skip the lingerie -- unless she absolutely loves the stuff. Letapostrophes face it guys, lacey lingerie isnapostrophet so much about your lady as it is about you. Loungewear is a better bet, especially when itapostrophes made of cashmere or silk.

6. If she lives for chocolate, get her some to die for. Forget the Fanny Farmer, and go for Godiva. Or better still, buy her what many consider to be the best chocolate in the world -- Amedei.

7. Donapostrophet propose. While February is the second most popular month to pop the question, women want the day they get engaged to be special, and they donapostrophet want to share it with the rest of the world.

8. Buy yourself some time. If sheapostrophes hoping for a ring but youapostrophere not ready, get her the next best thing -- a Cartier love bracelet. Lock it on her wrist and youapostropheve bought yourself 12 more months to save for a ring.

9. Speak her language. If you donapostrophet know what her love language is, run -- donapostrophet walk -- to the nearest bookstore and buy "The Five Languages of Love" by Gary Chapman. Read it BEFORE you get her anything.

10. Show her you know her. If you know whatapostrophes important to her, you can use it to tell her how important she is to you. So ask yourself what she loves more than anything (besides you), and then get it for her.