Friday, February 28 2020

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Play Bigger By First Asking "What" And Worrying About "How" Later
by Julio Blanco

You have a dream. You relish the thought of how your life will be with this dream manifested into your reality. It evokes feelings of excitement and passion as you think to yourself, "I really want this for my life!"

Then a sinister little question shows up: "How?" This can be a powerful, dream-crushing question. Many dreams die at "how".

If you want to play a bigger game in life and business, you have to protect your dreams from "death by how". You must learn to both dream with abandon and to protect those dreams from yourself and others.

Yes, you must often protect your dreams from yourself! We are often the first to challenge our dreams with the "how" question. As a result, we crush many a dream before a word about them is ever spoken aloud. Have you ever crushed a dream with questions like these?

•"HOW can someone with my experience and education do something like that?"
•"Iapostrophed like to do that, but HOW would I raise the money?"
•"I would love to do that, but HOW on earth would I make a living at it?"
•"It sounds like my dream business, but HOW will it work?"
•"HOW will I market it, sell it, finance it, create it?"
•"HOW can someone with my personality do something big like that?"

As you wrestle with these questions, you begin to doubt your dream.

If we ourselves donapostrophet ask, it is likely somebody else will. Beware when someone backs you into a corner with a question such as, "That sounds great, but HOW can you do that?" Youapostropheve just been put on the spot. You feel pressured to have the answer, donapostrophet you? And when you donapostrophet have a real answer at that very moment, you doubt the dream even more.

If you are a "how" person, relax. You are not alone. Our culture is a bit hare-brained about this. We have an ingrained tendency to expect that every idea, to have merit, must be instantly paired with an action. We tend to quickly pressure every "what" into having an immediate "how" for its creation. And if the "how" isnapostrophet readily apparent, the "what" (the idea, the dream) is often abandoned.

But the truth is, "how" is not the right question in the dreaming stage of creation. The key is to be clear about "what" you want to create and ask clarifying questions resembling:

What can I envision being, having and doing?
What do I have passion for creating?
What do I want my life to be like?

These are "dream" questions. When you are doing the work of dreaming big, dream questions are the right questions to ask. They are enough at this point. Trust that the "how" will come later. But also recognize that it must come later to protect your dreams from the frost of doubt, so that they have a chance to blossom.

The truth is that the "how" of a dream may already exist right under your nose, but you wonapostrophet see it if you are blocked from your ability to dream with daring and move into action upon just the threads of those dreams.

How can you put this into action? The steps below will ensure that you arrive at your future armed to the teeth with fantastic dreams and ready to find the "hows" to make them happen.

1. Dream, and then commit to those dreams. Most people wait for the circumstances to be right, for the "how" to be well-defined, and then commit to their dreams. They hesitate indefinitely with questions like "Is the business concept perfect?" or "Do I have enough money saved to take the risk now?" Our abundant Universe looks for the commitment first, and then presents you with the way to get there.

"Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth - that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves, too." - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

2. Believe that what you want is on its way. Develop your faith in the idea that abundance is the fundamental nature of the Universe, and that the Universe wants you to partake in that abundance. Jesus put this truth forth when he stated "ask and you shall receive". Even when current circumstances do not reflect it, continue to nurture the faith that your right life is in the process of materializing into your reality.

3. Let go of that which does not serve you. This is a challenging step, but you need to release the influences in your life that do not support you in your journey. This may include old habits, extracurricular activities, people, or even your current business or job. Instead, surround yourself with positive company and circumstances that support you in the quest for your dreams.

4. Look for the signs. The time for the "how" has come. Having dared to dream and committed to its pursuit, the "how" will start to appear in big and small ways. But you have to pay attention. The better your attention, the more the signs will appear to guide you toward your goal.

5. Take action. Yes, it is action that will ultimately produce the results that make your dreams real. If at this point you still carry uncertainty about what action to take, just do something. You now have the guidance of your dreams, so take lots of action with the faith that you are headed in the right direction. The actions that you take will trigger something else that you had not foreseen and you will learn lessons, gain experience, meet people, make fantastic mistakes, and make forward progress.

Start giving this approach a try in your life. Let it seep into how you think about your business. Put first things first and you will start to see that you are choosing which game to play and showing up to play it bigger than ever before.

© 2008 by Julio Blanco

About the author:

Julio Blanco is a certified coach, veteran marketer, and conscious entrepreneur. As owner of Envision Lifeworks LLC, he champions other conscious entrepreneurs to create businesses with purpose and profit. He is the author of the Envision Abundance Ezine and serves clients through individual and group coaching, seminars, and public speaking. For more information, please visit