Sunday, March 29 2020

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Is The Wave Overtaking You Or Are You Riding The Wave?
by Jade Sund

No, I am not referring to the amazing waves of the surf in Hawaii. Let’s have a conversation about the wave of energy that you are experiencing being on the planet at this time. I ASK you, where February went.? I did spend a few weeks increasing my energy and vibration on the Big Island of Hawaii. Yet, everyday feels like it was shorter than the day before. The sun is shining more every day as we head toward the spring equinox. So, the days are visually getting longer. So, where is the time going?

Do you feel the increase in shaken energy out in public? I go into a place with many people, like the grocery store, and it feels like an influx of anxiety hits me right between my shoulders like a brick. I will admit that I go a little sideways when a bag of snap peas is $9.99! I can see just a flash of a story from the upcoming newscast during a commercial break of a movie, and my adrenals start to rush. It’s like we are all—on an unconscious level—running for our lives. Many of us are unaware that it is happening to us on an internal energy level.

When I am listening to conversations out in the business world, I am often ASKing what is going RIGHT to shift the energy. Are you focusing on what the “machineapostrophe is amplifying in your awareness? I know that for some, your situation and opportunities have shifted, yet the choices you made previously have resulted in the situation you are experiencing. I know many of you are now ‘yeah, butting’ … Wherever you chose to take a job was your choice, however much you put on your credit card was your choice, the amount you have chosen to spend instead of save was your choice, and so on. You are an active co-creator in your life experience. Focus on making it the way you want it!

Let’s move to solution. When you choose to take responsibility for your life and your choices, the results are amazing.

How do YOU keep a positive outlook today?

• Spend time with like-minded positive energy and focused people.
• Limit your exposure to anything negative.
• Be grateful for all that you already have in all areas of your life.
• Remember you create your economy and take inspired action.
• Watch your energy and focus and adjust up to a better thought when necessary.
• Get outside and appreciate the beauty and nature.
• Listen to music that lifts your spirits.
• Envision, feel and ASK for what your want to experience each day.
• Create positive ASKformations and say them often.
• Remember what you experience in your life has something to teach you. What is your learning from your present situation? How can you use that learning to create what you want in your life?

You have the power to make this experience a pain or a joy. I choose JOY! How about you?

About the author:

Jade Sund, CCC, MP, Master ASK Energy Coach and Trainer is the creator of the highly successful Get Off Your ASK programs ( She is the trainer of Do You Feel Different (, an amazing 2 hour experience to expand your awareness of your awakening in the new earth energy. She coaches groups of highly sensitive, intuitive and empathic people ( Sign up for her free monthly e-zine, ASK 4 Empowerment at

Live Aloha!