Tuesday, April 07 2020

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A Woman's (or Man's) Worth
by Sonya Lowe

My motivation for this article comes from a new friend. He is a young man that I honestly admire because of his gentle demeanor and the encouragement he gives to kids. I have watched him interact with his own children and there is something very pure about the admiration in his eyes when he looks at his son. There is a real kindness when he kisses his daughter on the forehead. There is sincerity when he pushed my daughters to do their very best in Martial Arts. There is a depth that I normally don’t find in the thirty-something crowd. So now I want to know what makes him tick, what his background is and where he wants to go. Being me, I asked him what makes him the man he is. His response was interesting…

He replied that his grandfather was a major influence in his life, but credits his grandmother for “reallyapostrophe teaching him the rules of manhood. He said his grandfather taught him to be a provider for his family and to get to “knowapostrophe his children. But his grandmother, she shared her ideas with him on how a man should make his woman feel, how a man should honor his woman’s mind as well as her body, admire her intelligence as well as her beauty, be a support and love her for her inner self because this is where her true beauty lies.

I’m sure his grandmother knew just how sensual it would be for you and I to have a man touch the back of our necks and know that he truly respects us. Grandma knew how a woman would feel to answer the telephone and have her man say he was thinking about her, knowing in her heart that he feels like he is missing a bone from his own rib when the two are apart. She understood that a man should know the smell of his woman’s perfume, he should have a sense of when she needs a hug, and he should share in her joys and victories. How many of us can relate? I know I have personally longed for a man that could love me the way I need and deserve to be loved. I have always been in search of someone who would lift all the boundaries and let me be free to be me ~ the type of love that our souls long for. Yes, Grandma knew how we wanted to feel as women and she has seen many full moons to confirm those things she shared with him; giving him insight into a woman’s worth. Her true worth!

Just like he gained great wisdom about women from his Grandmother; I had my father’s conversations to draw from. It is important for all women to have some form of dialogue with a man; and vice versa, because these discussions shape our attitudes towards the opposite sex. I write all the time about how my father made it hard for all men in my life. By being an attentive, loving, caring man and my true hero, my father helped me to determine the standards on which to measure a man’s worth as it pertains to my life. My father always told me that because of my dominant personality, it is easy for me to take a man out of his role. And throughout my life, I have always had to be careful and allow a man to be just that – A Man. So I realize to be complete, we need the perspective of our other half. If we are to live together, harmoniously, we must support and lift one another, while valuing the perspective that comes from that completely opposite place.

With that said, I blow a kiss to my new friend! Because I appreciate who he is and how he inspires me. Making me want to be a better mother, a better writer, a better friend, a better lover, a better person, a better woman… (And not to mention ten years younger) ~ Because that’s what friends do!

So you heard it from me! Go out today and be compassionateabout other people’s needs and allow someone to show you some compassion; accept people as they are and allow them to accept the true you; and most importantly love somebody today but certainly leave enough room for them to love you back. Be inspired today and always!

About the author:

Sonya Lowe is a Los Angeles Author, who writes to empower women everywhere by bringing humor to the painful truth that exists in male-female relationships. Her fictional book, Work in Progress, is scheduled for release this summer. Contact information by email SonyaLowe@att.net or visit http://www.sonyalowe.com/ ~ PO Box 11134, Torrance, CA 90502 (888) 33-Wings.