Wednesday, April 08 2020

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Acceptance and Non-Judgement
by Rev. Sherri Barclift

As time keeps changing and our vibrations are moving into higher realms and seeing thinner veils, we become more enlightened – more aware of who we really are and becoming fully conscious that we are all connected. We are one ~ we are perfect.

Yet, at the same time we are bombarded through television and other media of what “perfect” is – it is constantly present, on television shows, commercials, advertisements, etc. all expressing an ego based side that is very contrasting to our higher-aware selves. These images can cause feelings of imperfection and a lack of oneness.

We begin to judge ourselves against these images and judge others as well. We forget in a moment our higher selves, our perfect selves, and our oneness. Being exposed to the lower vibrations of television, celebrity magazines or other forms of media can wreak havoc on our self esteem. The criticism and judgment passed onto is sad and unjust.

Many so-called “reality shows” and cosmetic surgery shows only express superficial elements of what is considered beautiful, loveable or desirable. These types of programs can make us judge ourselves and others, enabling us to forget – even if it’s briefly, that we are perfect, in every way.

When we are devoid of media and imagery of perceived perfection we can easily see our perfection on every level. We accept ourselves and others without judgment – we see God in everyone and ourselves. Pure love.

Don’t allow others to change how you feel about yourself; you are powerful, strong and beautiful. You are perfect and one with God. Judgments of others are not your reality unless you make them so. Judgments to yourself are not your reality unless you make them so.

Loose sight of numbers on scales and clothes and anything which conveys a perceived image of acceptable – and simply accept you as you are, perfect and divine. Listen to how you feel…feel good…feel happy…feel bliss…feel love…As God is perfect, so are you.

Here are some affirmations to use if you wish to incorporate them. Use them to replace any negative or judgmental self talk.

I AM Love
I AM Perfect
I AM Beautiful
I AM the Creator of my world
I AM the Peace I seek
I love ME
I Send Joy to my Body
My Body Heals me
I Care about Me
I Love Life
I AM One with God