Saturday, April 04 2020

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Finding Joy & Creating Balance
by Rev.Sherri Barclift

Finding enough time to get things done can create stress and cause fatigue – feeling like there is never enough time to complete all we have on our plates and the feeling of being overwhelmed becomes overwhelming! The outcome is feeling out of balance or alignment with ourselves.

Being out of balance takes the joy and beauty out of life as well. We stop seeing the miracles that are presented to us every day – we stop living the life we are here to live. Take time for yourself everyday to see miracles, experience joy, be in the moment of NOW – the now moment is the miracle of life – the now moment is the purpose of all that is for you. Each person’s life is its own miracle – release the worry of tomorrow and be in the moment – feel joy, sense love and be here.

I have found my own personal schedule getting away from me, feeling like there is not enough time in each day for me to do all that I have to do. This is causing me to feel exhausted, out of balance and lacking energy. As I speak from my own experience, I share with you the importance of slowing down. Be in the present moment and feel what is around you and see the miracles of life that are here for you to witness. You will see what is before you with new eyes, refreshed and awake once more – the peace that awaits you is one that is alive with life and living – not the chaos and exhaustion that tends to take over if we relinquish ourselves to it.

Create miracles for others – allow them to feel the pleasure of NOW as you do. If you travel by car to work, let another in front of you, give them the gift of a moment, this allows them to slow down and feel relieved, peace and gratitude – Be slow with yourself as well so that you may enjoy the journey, breathe in the air of life and feel yourself experiencing a moment of joy ~

Appreciating the small things in all things will fill you up to deeper levels of joy, reviving your energy and creating a sense of balance where there may be chaos. Love yourself as you love others; see yourself as you see others. Be the light that others are to you. Go beyond your boundaries and find beauty and joy in all things – openly and without fear of judgment. Once you release how you feel others will see you, they will no longer see you this way. This is personal freedom; this is creating balance and being in a state of joy “nowapostrophe.

Life speeds past us on a daily basis - it’s another reminder of the importance of being in the NOW moment – as they are only here for the present and then they are gone. Feel the moments, be in the moments and cherish the moments.