Tuesday, April 07 2020

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Not Just Another Workshop
by Tara Becker

I like a lot of people go through cycles of taking workshops to increase their personal development, spiritual development, financial wealth and the list continues. For some, itapostrophes a virtual race to see how many workshops, seminars and retreats they can get in under their belt. This could have been said about me in the 80apostrophes what with EST and the like, I couldnapostrophet get enough. Then life kicked in and I went on just wandering through life doing the best I could with the information and education I had acquired over my years on the planet.

It wasnapostrophet until a little over a year ago that I started down that path again. Donapostrophet get me wrong, I had been avidly reading just about anything I could get my hands on for the previous several years to find my passion, make sure Iapostrophem living my lifeapostrophes dream, finding out about the love languages of my family and friends, etc. Back to March of 2008. I started working with a few individuals that I really felt had something to offer me in my finding my true path in this lifetime. So, Iapostropheve been doing daily practices and taking other seminars about how best to navigate through life. Learning what I need so that I donapostrophet have to go through what Bill Murrayapostrophes character had to endure in Groundhog Day.

With that in mind, letapostrophes fast forward to May 2009. I had signed up for an extensive 3-day workshop. Keep in mind that I havenapostrophet done anything that extensive in about 20-years. I was however READY for some focus, tools and skills, and a real "shift" in what opportunities were being presented in my life and how to best utilize the good and recognize and dismiss the stuff that wasnapostrophet working for me. So, I was prepared for what was coming and to be open to whatever was presented. Also, I had no expectations about what was coming.

First day was a great ah-hah moment - in my company I proclaim to have a passion for empowering women. Hmmm, how can I possibly empower women if Iapostrophem not empowering myself. Be assured Iapostropheve taken steps within that first day to do just that. No longer do I hold my potential down. I ask for what I need and what do you know. I usually get it.
Next, again with reference to my company, I was concentrating on getting new members to join and not living by my mission statement.

What I mostly received out of doing this workshop - I should probably state what workshop this was - The Living Game led by Thomas Gregory in Boulder, CO. Insert some info on Thomas.

After completing this extensive workshop, I have to relate it to algebra. I was never the best in advanced mathematics. I was fine up until multiplication and division. I could never quite get the formulas that made algebra work. I feel now that I have the formula for living the game of life. So, when presented with a situation or challenge I work through the formula. By no means, do I have all the answers. I do however have the formula to find the solution for the current situation.

For more information about the Living Game workshops, email: worldplayint@mac.com.