Saturday, February 29 2020

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The Divine Feminine - Resurrecting "The Lovers"
by Ananda of Love

I OFTEN FALL PREY to deadlines and proper use of language and all itapostrophes laws and reason. I still feel a compulsion to be true to my inner calling that tells me to write from my heart what Iapostrophem feeling and to keep nothing hidden and not to be so concerned about form but be most vigilant of content. I am told by that little voice in my head that seems to me to be the Source of All I Am or will be. Oft times what comes through me flows and I simply allow it to be what it is, for I am merely a channel for ideas and feelings to be born through me.

I feel a strong calling to share my present state with you the reader. I will write from my heart and try not to hold anything back for I truly wish to heal not only myself but all that may be going though relationship endings that have the potential to transform the nature of ones being in this unprecedented time of expanded Universal Consciousness.

In deep contemplation I was given this monthapostrophes article; "The Divine Feminine - Resurrecting apostropheThe Lovers.apostrophe"

In this, the 9th article of this Quantum Miracles series, I intend to bring all to a place of Union within The Divin e Embodiment of The God-Principle. A place where Love Is born and all become aware of the ever-present essence of the Divine interplay of the masculine and feminine aspects within the one. As the Female opens the heart of mankind with her Beloved Male, they walk together extending their Love into the world, In perfect union, in what A Course in Miracles calls The Holy Relationship;Where the Two Become One Divine Light for all in Their World to Behold.

Here is where "The Loverapostrophes" Are Resurrected.

It is this authorapostrophes intention that all that read this article feel a sense of renewal from what I share and like me begin anew - living an authentic life, giving and receiving - Love Eternal.

The Divine Feminine
Resurrecting "The Lovers"

Several months have passed since splitting with my husband and then spiritual partner. People are telling me how great I look and how free I am to be all I desire to be now. As I sit and I celebrate the inherent freedom of my present st ate of aloneness, in the deepest recesses of my heart I feel not only a new beginning but an impulse driving me towards the awakening of The Divine Female within my very own being. This awakening awaits me if I could just stay true to the innate feminine principle within that is already secure, free, boundless and overflowing in Love and in no need of a man by her side to feel safe, secure and happy.

My purpose here is not to define the male or female completely but to identify and actualize them and then see how they relate to the world perceptually and collectively, so that what is female in relation to one thing may be male in relation to another. The Female is not merely a sex/gender quality. It is rather the primal principle/way of existence, the deep reality that humanity must seek and not forget. The male and female principles are not entities in themselves but aspects of a unified field within the body of nature. In harmony these two principles are one.

"And The Two become One" as written in the Bible.

This is similar to the view in the Tantric Cosmology where the Universe is perceived as being sustained by the merging of the male aspect, Shiva, and the female aspect, Shakti. This dynamic union of the two becoming one is always operating as the inherent polarity within nature as the male and female principle applied to any element are always one as the active or receptive principle expressed in manifestation. Once again, I would like to make clear that what I will term the female aspect here in this article is not about gender. It is rather about the receptive aspect of the body of man. The female can be seen as the In Breath in Eastern Tradition or The Unified Field as defined in Quantum theory; and the male as the Out Breath and the Observer in Quantum Theory.

For it is the function of love to unite all things unto itself, and to hold all things together. - A Course in Miracles

As I sat and I pondered this concept I share here, I heard within my being "You are Ananda." This echoed in my mind as an illuminated insight, reminding me of the reason why I began this journey into the heart in the first place. That was always to actualize the uninterrupted state of pure ecstasy and supreme Bliss that happens to be the very meaning underlying the vibration of this Sanskrit word "Ananda." As I assume the state of Ananda the ego and all its sorrowful masks disappear. Until this time, I have resisted that which I am. I have assumed the male as a false idol. Making him my god and looking to him for my security and well being, which in turn made the suppression and insecurity of my female most apparent. This imbalance created chaos and the bliss of Ananda remained dormant inside my being. The female principle has not been free to be as she was born to be. As I write I wonder how many of my readers have assumed the male as her god, as I did. (I would love feedback on this for all that would like to share their stories with me.)

In every spiritual tradition there is a concept related to re-birth and this process often entails a complete shift in the observer where he transforms from a material experience to a spiritual one where he is "Born Again" - a term the Christians use when one is so-called saved. This author herself has had several epiphanies - moments where Godapostrophes Presence was apparent. These moments were beyond what could be articulated but had such a strong impact that I was never the same.

In the past 6 months, I have seen change in me that I can only call miraculous. I have seen a shift in my life. I have become vulnerable, and receptive to Godapostrophes Will for me... I am unsure and uncertain where my life is to lead... after splitting with my spiritual partner of 9 years, and living a life where the male principle was more important to me than my own self. I see that I have hidden in plain sight behind the male and allowed him to take me where he willed me to be. I have lived without authenticity, untrue to my own Soul Signature, lived vicariously through another. I have been a giver, more attuned with the male principle, ignoring the receptive female that was screaming to be noticed by me.

I am grateful for the special Love relationships (including the one who has recently come to pass) that I have had. They have been such beautiful blessings to me; all have shown to me what I have placed in the way of my fully-actualized state of Bliss. The male has been all-consuming in my being and has been a perfect way for me to avoid the receptive femaleapostrophes Love nature that I now know I Am. In the state of denial I felt safe and secure as I (through the male principle) perfectly hid the female in plain sight. She20looked like a female, acted like a female, but felt like a male. Doing, giving and denying the very Truth of her being - giving all and receiving little. Because of the state I assumed - I made manifest in my world clients, friends and situations reflecting that which I felt about me. There was much fear, doubt and deep sorrow in my experience.

My female has begun her awakening and is resting pretty in her pure receptive nature where Love and vulnerability are most evident. I, Ananda, am awakening The Divine Female within. As I continue to live in state of allowing, I watch my perceptual reality shift as the essence of my being changes in this new state of assuming the thoughts and feelings I would like to see out-pictured in my world.

All that is required is a little willingness. - A Course in Miracles

As The female emerges and unites in perfect harmony with her male she is open and receptive to the male principle and the two aspects merge effortlessly into Kundalini rising. Here is where The Christ is born through Mary in the Christian Tradition. The Virgin birth is merely the purification of the=2 0mind and heart of the mind of the perceiver.

Miracles are everyone’s right but Purification is necessary. - A Course in Miracles

The Kundalini creates the universe out of Her own being, and it is She Herself who becomes this universe and enters into all the different forms that we see around us. She becomes the sun, the moon, the stars and