Thursday, April 02 2020

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BPW Foundation's Dear Jane Campaign

Thereapostrophes been a time in everyoneapostrophes life where they wish they could have done things differently. Prepared better. Responded differently. Changed courses. Well, this is your chance to re-write history.


Business and Professional Womenapostrophes Foundation is looking for WOMEN VETERANS to write letters to enlisted women, offering practical advice on how to best transition from the military to the civilian workplace.

Join our campaign to reach out to women service members currently overseas. These women are coming home to employers and communities that are unsure of how to interpret and integrate their impressive military skills and experiences.

BPW Foundationapostrophes research has shown that women veterans struggle with networking and finding employment. These women are unsure about how to apply for veteransapostrophe benefits and don’t know what benefits are available. Often the G.I. Bill is a mystery. These women have virtually no transition time: spending only two weeks “out processingapostrophe before entering the civilian world. And without comprehensive assistance on how their vast military-learned skills can be applied in the civilian workforce, these women are being set up for failure. We cannot allow these women to be forgotten.


•What do you wish you had known at the time of your separation?
•What tools did you use to find meaningful employment?
•How did you ease back into your family life?
•What could have made the transition easier?
•What (if anything) would you do differently to jump-start your post-military employment?


Your signed letter should be between 300-1000 words. Include your name, rank and dates of service. Anonymous letters will be accepted, but we prefer the power of your name; if anonymous, please include your rank and dates of service.

Letters will be sent out on Veterans Day, November 11. Deadline: OCTOBER 31, 2009

Please spread the word. We want as many women veterans and enlisted women to Dear Jane!

Email (preferred):, Attach your electronic signature

Mail: BPW Foundation, 1718 M Street, NW #148, Washington, DC 20036

Fax: 202-861-0298

Questions? 202-293-1100